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Available Now! Metallica: Nothing Else Matters

The new graphic bio from graphic novelist cohorts Jim McCarthy and Brian Williamson. Brian Williamson’s dramatic art and Jim McCarthy’s razor sharp script capture the excitement and traumas of thrash metal’s most successful band ever. Distilling Metallica’s story into a jam-packed exciting voyage, in a thrill ride through 144 tightly written and deftly illustrated pages. Metallica: Nothing Else Matters, is a thrilling roller-coaster ride spanning over two decades of highs and lows on the road and in the studio.  

The official website of British writer and illustrator Jim McCarthy

Creating insightful, contemporary graphic novels linked to music subjects, having produced diverse titles from Michael Jackson and Kurt Cobain to The Sex Pistols, he is published in both the US and UK. Subsequently Jim's work has been translated and published in Russia, Czechoslovakia, Spain, Norway, Italy, Poland, France, Croatia, Germany and Japan.

New Metallica Out Now!