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                  Lewnny Wirral is a snitch and a lowlife But give him a break. He has a gang to organise of blaggers to rob a moody boat on the River Thames. Set in early 1960s Deptford, in inner Londob Lenny comes up against a different kind of gangster.  ...
Jim in 2016

Buy Real Xanax

  2016 is an exciting year for Jim with Living For Kicks – A Mod’s Graphic novel, his first original stand-alone graphic book for Omnibus Press. Further book’s in the pipeline for a 2016 release are a 2000AD trade paperback Bad Company: First Casualties and Who Are...

Buy Xanax Dubai

Living for Kicks is Omnibus’s first fictional graphic novel, the tale of young Mod Spike Spellane and his attempts to hustle enough money in sleazy 1960s Soho to start a record label. Combining early Sixties Mod culture, Soho jazz dives, the Keeler affair and...

Xanax 2Mg Bars Buy

              BAD COMPANY – FIRST CASUALTIES will be out as a trade paperback from 2000ad in June, with 20 pages of extra thrill power, pin ups, Cover designs, sketches, and a remastered Prequel that Brett Ewins and Rufus Dayglo worked...

Can You Buy Xanax On Silk Road

                BAD COMPANY – FIRST CASUALTIES will be out as a trade paperback from 2000ad in June, with 20 pages of extra thrill power, pin ups, Cover designs, sketches, and a remastered Prequel that Brett Ewins and Rufus Dayglo worked on!      ...
Peter Milligan Pays Tribute To Brett Ewins In His Return To 2000AD With Bad Company

Buy Xanax Romania

              Peter Milligan is returning after thirteen year to the sci-fi weekly comic 2000AD to revive his co-creation Bad Company, the series he created thirty years ago with Brett Ewins and JimMcCarthy in 1986, hoping it will be “a fitting tribute to a man...