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Jim in 2016

Uk Xanax Buy

  2016 is an exciting year for Jim with Living For Kicks – A Mod’s Graphic novel, his first original stand-alone graphic book for Omnibus Press. Further book’s in the pipeline for a 2016 release are a 2000AD trade paperback Bad Company: First Casualties and Who Are...

Alprazolam Cheap

              BAD COMPANY – FIRST CASUALTIES will be out as a trade paperback from 2000ad in June, with 20 pages of extra thrill power, pin ups, Cover designs, sketches, and a remastered Prequel that Brett Ewins and Rufus Dayglo worked...

Order Xanax Online Overnight

                BAD COMPANY – FIRST CASUALTIES will be out as a trade paperback from 2000ad in June, with 20 pages of extra thrill power, pin ups, Cover designs, sketches, and a remastered Prequel that Brett Ewins and Rufus Dayglo worked on!      ...

Buying Alprazolam

      The Guns And Roses book is published also in the USA in distribution deal with Overlook Press; New York. Also available from all good good online and “real” bookshops. Through Amazon UK and USA. Plus Kindle ebook edition and iTunes edition...
Jim McCarthy & Marc Olivent: Reckless Life: Guns N’ Roses – book review

Order Xanax Pills

                Written by Jamie Havlin 1 September, 2015 Reckless Life: Guns N’ Roses (Omnibus Press) Paperback Out Now Jamie Havlin reviews a graphic novel that traces the history of a band synonymous with rock and roll excess and controversy, Guns N’ Roses. In his...