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Jim at the BBC

Alprazolam Online

              Done a range of BBC Radio interviews recently talking mostly on the Keith Moon GN book. The last one was an interesting interview on BBC World News with Lucy Hocking with some nice graphics and clips throughout…. at the BBC Studios in Portland...
Jim in 2016

Cheap Xanax Canada

  2016 is an exciting year for Jim with Living For Kicks – A Mod’s Graphic novel, his first original stand-alone graphic book for Omnibus Press. Further book’s in the pipeline for a 2016 release are a 2000AD trade paperback Bad Company: First Casualties and Who Are...

Purchasing Xanax

VOICES OF LATIN ROCK: THE E-MIX *** Now published USA Link to… Carlos Santana, Latin rock, San Francisco, Soul, Mission District, Funk, Electric guitar...