The world of Jim McCarthy writer and illustrator

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Bob Marley

Wake Up And Live – The Life Of Bob Marley
The extraordinary life of Bob Marley by Jim McCarthy and Benito Gallego.

iPhone Images 1 & 2

E-Books by Jim McCarthy
A quirky collection of images created on his iPhone, selected and published.

Digital Heart

E-Books by Jim McCarthy
The heart, an important icon in the social world, created and manipulated digitally.

SKETCH 1 & 2

E-Books by Jim McCarthy
A collection of carefully chosen images from the illustrators extensive archive.

Deptford Cowboys

A Lennie Wirral Story
A book conceived and written by Jim McCarthy.

Trapped in Roseland

An Aortic Romance
An original and surreal story developed and written by Jim McCarthy.

Ditko 1, 2 & 3

E-Books by Jim McCarthy
‘Dark Triad’, ‘The Psychomantheum’ and ‘Red Rains Leviathan’

Nobody Loves Jesus Anymore

A society without faith
A book authored with timely resonance in an age of atheism by Jim McCarthy.

The official website of British writer and illustrator Jim McCarthy

Creating insightful, contemporary graphic novels linked to music subjects, having produced diverse titles from Michael Jackson and Kurt Cobain to The Sex Pistols, he is published in both the US and UK. Subsequently Jim’s work has been translated and published in Russia, Czechoslovakia, Spain, Norway, Italy, Poland, France, Croatia, Germany and Japan.