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2000 A.D. Prog 1951

by Ian Jane

Bad Company – First Casualties by Peter Milligan, R. Dayglo and J. McCarthy: Last but most certainly not least, Danny finds out that Kano’s alive. He tells him the war is over in hopes that Kano will stop short of levelling the city – Kano chills out a bit but wants to show Danny what was done to him, what made him the way he is. And so, by a connection they make, he does this and we witness through his own eyes the transformation that befell him. In doing so, the powers that be ‘break’ Kano. His body may have been healed but his mind is a different story but of course the truth behind why the authorities want Danny to bring Kano in, well, that’s got to come out sooner or later, right?

Again, great to see Bad Company back in action. Milligan is in his element here, he’s always done his best work when dealing with anti-social subject matter and this lets him dive deep into that as the story subverts the fist-pumping nationalism that surrounds too many instances of military action and replaces it with a look at how it completely fucks people up. Dayglo and McCarthy offer up the perfect visual compliment to this, their splatter punk style and ideal companion to the anarchistic storytelling but at the same time nicely detailed and, if over-exaggerated, to the serial’s advantage.