Bad Company Review………..
This was pretty much the main reason I picked up the Prog, thanks to Rufus on social media, and the fact that Peter Milligan was on writing duties, and frack me, the splashes and general chaos on the page did not disappoint! After the initial kaleidoscope and cacophony, though, there’s actually a strangely heartfelt tail about what can happen when war ends.
Peter Milligan manages to touch on a sensitive subject about what happens to soldiers when there’s no war anymore without it seeming cheap or tacked on, with the aid of the art from Rufus and Jim McCarthy creating a beautiful Sci-Fi setting around his words. Now as someone that has had no prior exposure, I’m sure this story will come as a shock to many, and the gravitas of it can certainly be felt as it always can when a massive change is made to a status quo. That being said though, at no point did i feel like I’d missed a vital piece of information, and can’t wait to dive into the back catalogue to find out just how we got to this point.