Mods is an upcoming stand alone graphic book which explores the exciting world of the emergent Mod culture. Spike Spellane, Danny Healy, Karl Yelland with Paulette Harrison, and Leslie Milligan all are thrown into a world that they can neither comprehend or are ready to deal with, on any level. The fallout is to have devastating effects on our young band of players. Our main protagonist Spike has the dream to set up a new type of recording studio called MODerne. His aim is to reflect the new musical sound being forged in London at that time. To realize that aim, involves taking a series of risks that will have major consequences.
This drama is played out between the time frame of late 1963 through to the late summer of 1964, culminating in massed fighting along the Southern English coast.
The book takes in the broad scandalous sweep of the Profumo scandal which rocked the English government to the core and involves a cast of neer-do wells, prostitutes, soul boys, miscreants and all set against the thrilling Mod culture of that volatile time.
The book features distinctive, cool full-colour artwork by Mod loving USA comic artist Kevin Cross.
This is a trade paperback with 144 pages of densely plotted story plus sketchbook, introductory essays plus cast of characters pages, slang glossary and author essay on mods, clothes and skinheads and more.

To be published by Omnibus Press in 2016.