Interview for the New York Times

Jim had a wonderful piece placed in the New York Times on Sunday 11th August 2013. The piece examined his then latest Graphic Novel with a determined New York city theme, Gabba Gabba Hey: The Graphic Story Of The Ramones. He was interviewed by David Peisner and did a great photo shoot with Steve Forrest at his home in Edwardian Bexhill on Sea, UK especially for the piece. Steve is an excellent photographer who has photographed pretty much everyone including David Cameron, Julian Assange, and now Jim.

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Helen Donlon Interviews Jim McCarthy for Omnibus Press

Jim was interviewed for Omnibus Press in May 2012. Helen Donlon asks in-depth questions about Jim’s background and novels to date. The interview was published in time for the launch of Neverland: The Life and Death of Michael Jackson.

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Jim McCarthy and Jah Wobble for the Independent

Jim McCarthy and Jah Wobble interviewed for the Independent

The Independent interviewed Jim and Jah in July 2008. McCarthy almost joined Wobble’s band Public Image Ltd when young, but instead they ended up meeting at a self help group in the 1980’s under very different circumstances. Becoming friends Jah Wobble ended up being the subject of Jim’s first published piece and then turned up on the first page of his Sex pistols biography. “with Jim I don’t have to pretend I’m something I’m not” says Wobble.

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