Bad Company: Kano

Bad Company is lead by the psychopathic Kano, hoping to find peace at last.

Bad Company: Kano


In 2210, raw recruit Danny Frank joined the rag-tag guerrilla platoon known as Bad Company. They were led by the psychopathic Kano, whose brain had been experimented on by the evil alien Krool. The war ended when Danny became the Krool Heart, the guiding consciousness of the Krool Empire. Now tortured by guilt over what became of Danny, Kano is hoping to find peace at last – by destroying the monster he helped create.

By Peter Milligan, Brett Ewins, and Jim McCarthy.


We catch up with Kano and his new family on the unnamed ‘good planet’. A planet where the dead appear as comforting solid ‘ghosts’ for a time, and a planet where time runs backwards at noon for an hour every day. Which two quirks allow for Milligan to a) bring back old favourites Thrax, Malcolm and others, and b) encourages him to indulge in some writerly trickery of the kind he excels at. Added to this, Milligan harks back to one great success from the first story. There’s a small mystery to ponder – is Kano a murderer?

Colin Firth

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