Draw Monsters in Simple Steps

In Jim’s first commissioned art book for a little while, he teaches you how to draw varied, weird and wonderful monsters of various origins and types. A book for all ages interested in drawing cartoon’s.


Drawing Monsters in Simple Steps


This chilling introduction to drawing monsters completely demystifies the drawing process, showing how images can be built up easily, from initial geometric shapes right through to the finished creatures. Jim McCarthy includes a terrifying selection of monsters; choose from Fang Monster, Horned Monster, Red Monster, Eye Bug Monster and many more. Jim uses a helpful two-colour method that clearly shows every line and curve of the step-by-step pictures. Even absolute beginners will be able to create monster pictures following this simple step-by-step technique and there is plenty to inspire more experienced artists too.

Jim’s background as a comic artist came in handy in defining a crisp drawing style for clarity with the added technique of shaded colouring to finish the artwork.


Great for Halloween, this fun and simple guide leads the reader start to finish through drawing dozens of different creatures, ghoulish characters, and comic villains. Like other titles in the “Simple Steps” series, the guide provides its drawing instruction entirely visually. The reader can follow a sequential progression of tonal ink drawings that go from initial sketch to completed illustration. VERDICT Will be a hit with children, young adults, and young-at-heart comic book fans.

Library Journal USA