Eminem: In my Skin

A graphic biography of the world’s biggest crossover rap superstar and a story both as profound and profane as the man himself.

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Jim McCarthy on Eminem: In My Skin.

Eminem: In My Skin


A Graphic Novel by Jim McCarthy working with Barnaby Legg, the creative team behind the best selling and groundbreaking Godspeed: The Kurt Cobain Graphic . From the Government housing slums in Detroit to the bling-bling penthouses of the Hip-Hop monarchy, Marshall Mathers has had quite a journey.

This is a presentation of the documentation of his life that is angry, vivid and shockingly honest. By taking the stories, characters and rantings that exist on his albums, a dramatic, operatic and highly comedic adventure is told. In addition to biographical events, the authors draw on the self-created characters that exist in Eminem’s music. This is a graphic novel about the world’s one and only true crossover rap superstar, and a story both as profound and profane as the man himself.

If Eminem wasn’t the 21st century’s greatest pop star, being a comic-book hero would have suited him well. He even has his own, typically filthy origin story. That rebellion and radicalism is in Eminem: In My Skin. But what this book captures best is the most undeniable aspect of Eminem’s music, the thing that always jolts you first: the lurid, hysterical, just-don’t-give-a-fuck energy, so dazzlingly adept at demanding a reaction, with which Eminem first announced himself as a great provocateur and pop star; and, now, great comic character, too.

Nick Hasted

Author of The Dark Story Of Eminem