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Godspeed and the new smell of teen spirit. Godspeed, a graphic novel about Kurt Cobain, is being reissued in pocket-sized format, introducing this very modern hero to a different generation.

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Jim McCarthy on Kurt Cobain: Godspeed.

Godspeed Reformatted 2011


With his ripped jeans, lank hair and sinewy, tortured frame, Kurt Cobain is not your average superhero. But that hasn’t stopped a graphic novel based on the Nirvana front man’s rock’n’roll roller coaster of a life from becoming something of a cult classic. Originally published in 2003, and translated into six different languages, Godspeed: The Kurt Cobain Graphic is now being republished in a smaller, Manga-style format for a new generation of fans to pore over.

The book digs into him. It looks at his childhood. It’s not afraid to look at the psychological problems he had, and the darkness that came into his life, that search for spiritual meaning in his life. It’s a morality tale – is it possible for someone who comes from such a damaged background to be able to deal with fame? When they do find it, they tend to find it wanting. It’s strange that so many people are grovelling on X Factor or Britain’s Got Talent, yet nobody takes these warning stories on board.

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