Sex Pistols Manga

Distilling the Sex Pistols story into a jam-packed exciting voyage, in a thrill ride through 80 tightly written and deftly illustrated pages.

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Jim McCarthy on Sex Pistols the Graphic Novel.

Sex Pistols Reformatted 2012


Following the success of the initial publication, The Sex Pistols Graphic Novel has been re-formatted as a manga sized pocket style book.

The graphic novel examines the rise and rise of the band, the punk revolution and  their fall from grace. Also examined are Sid Vicious’ short, sharp and ultimately brutal career, the effect on the then British society, which bayed for their blood in the corridors of power. For a hot minute they represented a real threat to the UK establishment as well as the moribund recording industry. Fired from EMI Records and A&M Records in ”record” time and finally roosting at Virgin Records, the Sex Pistols were a musical and cultural force to be reckoned with.

They lasted long enough to ignite the music industry, record a classic album of unalloyed and no-holds barred rage, before imploding on their disastrous tour of the USA.

The graphic is illustrated by Steve Parkhouse, the veteran 2000AD artist, with a nicely defined line style. The book also makes use of tasteful colour work with wash and tint, from realistic and  deep hued to simpler graphic line work, supplied by Chris Blythe who has digitally coloured for Fleetway, Egmont and Rebellion.

Johnny Rotten and Sid Vicious always resembled cartoon characters, so it was an inspired idea to turn their violent, chaotic story into a graphic novel. The Sex Pistols Graphic Novel is a handsome dramatisation of the filth and the fury. The late Sid Vicious would have loved it, he devoured comics as eagerly as amphetamine sulphate.

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The band who put the graphic into the graphic novel, get the treatment they’ve always deserved.

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