Tupac Shakur: Death Rap

From the creators of God Speed: The Kurt Cobain Graphic and Eminem: In My Skin comes an explosive graphic novel, tracing the events leading up to death of one of modern music’s most tragic losses Tupac Shakur.

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Jim McCarthy on Tupac Shakur: Death Rap

Tupac Shakur: Death Rap


Tupac Shakur: Death Rap chronicles the triumphs and tragedies of the notorious hip-hop superstar Tupac Shakur, the figurehead of a musical movement that came to define black culture in America and beyond. Exploring the recesses of a racist, damaged country, the book takes the reader on a self-destructive ride through the violence, corruption and greed of a Los Angeles gone straight to hell.

The marriage of Barnaby Legg and Jim McCarthy’s incendiary writing with Flameboy’s potent, gritty visuals produces a new perspective on the controversial events surrounding the rise of Death Row Records, the brutality of street gang warfare, and the poetry of murder set to a heavy break-beat.

Drawn with cinematic flair by Flameboy, this is a fascinating and educational read.

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