Voices of Latin Rock

From its free-form days in San Francisco’s Mission District to the Grammy-award show with Santana’s Supernatural, the cast of characters, events and collaborations blend together to create a unique style of passionate music. Features exclusive interviews, biographical profiles, over 800 photographs and a colour picture gallery. With a foreword by Carlos Santana.

Voices of Latin Rock Autism Benefit

Prompted by the publication of the book, and from small beginnings The Voices of Latin Rock music concerts in San Francisco proudly promote autism awareness having featured Carlos Santana, The original Santana band, John Santos, Booker T, Los Lobos, Sly Stone, George Clinton, El Chicano, Malo, Taj Mahal, The Doobie Brothers among others.

Voices of Latin Rock


Directly from the Mission District in San Francisco, the explosive fusion of Latin, salsa and rock is chronicled from a writer who has followed the music and the musicians for over 30 years. The book covers the stories of prominent Latin rock bands including Santana and Malo, examining in detail the pioneering records and the ways in which both reflect a wide spectrum of Latin influences. It highlights the cast of characters and emerging period in the US during the late ’60s, with all the cultural background events including the Summer of Love, Woodstock, political activism, and the record label expansion. Legendary figures such as Bill Graham, Clive Davis and the Escovedos family play crucial roles in the development of this sound.

As Latin music continues to become more mainstream, the interest in its musical roots grows. This book sheds light on these musical pioneers, and is gorgeously illustrated with over 800 B&W photos by Jim Marshall, Rudy 2 Joan Chase and others, plus artwork of dozens of rare album covers.

Voices of Latin Rock Concerts

This innovative book has resulted in a series of music concerts in San Francisco promoting autism awareness and has featured Carlos Santana, Booker T, Los Lobos, Sly Stone, George Clinton, El Chicano, Malo, Taj Mahal, the Doobie Brothers among others.

The money was raised for the Alex Speaks Autism Awareness charity foundation, the proceeds being distributed to schools supporting autism in the San Francisco Bay Area. Alex is the son of Dr Bernardo Gonzalez, a well respected member of the Latino Mission District community and a regular concert promoter with his company Latin Rock Inc.

Through his auspices and along with Jeffrey Trager, Ron Sansoe and Jim McCarthy, they set out to honour, and represent the best
in Latin/Funk/Soul and R&B artists mainly from the West Coast but with a open approach to emerging culture and music. The common denominator being the excellence, profile and longevity plus cultural import of the artists appearing at our events.


There’s now a book that chronicles the origins and development of this important music: Voices of Latin Rock. Written by music journalist Jim McCarthy in collaboration with promoter/artist manager Ron Sansoe, and designed by award-winning British graphic designer Richard Mann, it’s an important addition to Rock ‘n’ Roll literature. That’s clear as soon as you open the book and find a foreword penned by none other than Carlos Santana, the King of Latin Rock himself. Bulging with vintage photos and reproductions of album sleeves and concert posters, Voices of Latin Rock overflows with musical and cultural history, barrio ambiance, West Coast style, behind-the-scenes music industry politics, ethnic pride, nostalgia for the ’70s, and men with really big hair!

Booker T, Los Lobos, Sly Stone, George Clinton, El Chicano

I’m glad this book was written, because it’s a chance to take us back and bring us forward. The people in the book really opened up to Jim McCarthy and I’m not sure we would have done that for anyone else.

Carlos Santana

Jim’s one of two or three people, when the chips are down, who I’ll talk to. With him, I don’t have to pretend I’m something I’m not. That’s nice.

Jah Wobble