Songs for People No-One Else Cares About by Jim McCarthy

Fresh new music from JIM McCARTHY – Available on SPOTIFY and other platforms.

Songs for People was created in Bexhill, UK, recorded in Modesto, California and produced by Wes Magoogan back in East Sussex, in the UK and features Gabriel Manzo, Jim McCarthy and Dawn Manzo.

Lo-Fi Wi-Fi BarFly features Barney Legg and Jim McCarthy…NEW music with a slant – on now and then. Deliberate lo-fi with big ideas. Reversing into tomorrow…with snarky glasses on…


Songs for the ruined and recovering. For the hopeless and the hapless. The distilled and distressed. Songs With so Many Things in Mind. For people that no one else cares about. The troubles of tomorrow’s men and women – today!

Lo-Fi-Wi-Fi Barflies – living a life before death. Not so much living as keeoing afloat…keeping the level of liquid, nice, steady and high…Keeping a sodden cynics eye, on the politricks and constant low-rezz thinking.

The big CRASH – the false front…the corporate clowns, the never ending war…the trickle down effect…the mendacious, intermediate board members…the bare faced lies. You’re everywhere and nowhere (baby)…

Just a minute from the trigger finger…Outsiders, insider trading, gloating, bloating, greed and ephemera. Corporate shenanigans and double trouble,

The Beatles in their surreal ways, (What’s The New Mary Jane? Look Up The Number, You Know My Name).

Latino Rock and Soul. Modesto, California speaks to West London and East Sussex. Played and sung in the Green Room, written in the Yellow Room and produced in the Red Room. Low-riders want to meet Jesus and John Lennon. I feel sorry for them and us. R.F.I.D. will mark us all. Suburban Sex is the best form of untrammelled enjoyment.

Just Make It Simple and remember, you Can Never Go Back…to what you once had…Back to Deptford, to liver and bacon… Cowboys in the dirt…Making God – have a good old laugh?

But – not at our expense? Suckas Under a Spell are everywhere… Psychic Sharon, never really got it right…Still – there’s always a chance – it’s not too late. It’s not always a young man’s game? So say ALL of us!